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If you want to make your noble house, you need to pick a House Name, and some attributes such as:

  • House:
  • Sigil:
  • Leader:
  • Capitol:
  • Rough age: _Very young house / Young house / Old house / Very old house_
  • Strengths:
  • Weaknesses:
  • Exports:
  • Other:
  • Location:


This is an _example kingdom_ that is NOT in the game:

  • House: Terrman
  • Sigil: A sword on a red field
  • Leader: Lantek
  • Capitol: Holt
  • Rough age: Very young house
  • Strengths: Trading, building
  • Weaknesses: no Sea connection, Mountainous Terrain, forest
  • Exports: No major exports, but located on a trading hub
  • Other: Came to power from being a rich merchant family and getting enough noble families to recommend them as lords. Land carved out of a mountainous area and cutting down forests to make farmland.
  • Location: Close to forest and mountains, in the westm please.


  • Location: Close to forest and mountains, not important where otherwise.

No Upper Limit!

There is no actual limit to what you can write and create about your house. Family, parents, family anscestors, how did they come to power - you name it!

Some details may be altered to fit with the canon of the world at large, but this area is mostly free for any creative players.