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The main continent of Hökaland.

Welcome to the Hökaland Wiki. Please see the introduction for more information on the world. It's currently just populated by Leord (Gunnar Petzäll), who created the setting, but may or may not have additional authors in the future.

This wiki covers everything about Hökaland; the world itself, history, geology, religions and important characters. It also covers just about every project related to Hökaland, which includes mothballed ones. Currently the wiki has 460 pages of which includes 182 articles. The Featured category lists articles that are closer to being "finished" and slightly easier to read as many other articles can be little more than lists of notes. Here is a list of essential links about the world.

The main focus is the campaign/story setting information such as Kingdoms, important factions, cultural features etc. Much of the content available is not on the web but simply on my hard drive (backed up to the cloud, of course) but most "general notes" and information about the world is presented here.

In terms of games, the only up to date information is related to roleplaying and the systems I have been using is Pathfinder (and lately, Pathfincer 2nd Ed). I would really like to use a more down to earth system like EON or something but I simply don't have the mental capacity to learn a new system. As of summer 2021 I haven't "pruned" the game-related articles or updated them for PF2 so, in essence, there are almost no up-to-date house rule articles for game mechanics, costs or anything that isn't specifically world-related. The oldest working campaign, the Hökaland IPO has also converted to Dungeons and Dragons 5e.

Please note that this wiki is NOT in the public domain, and neither is any content created; see copyrights. To contact the author, see the about page. Contributions are greatfully accepted (well, if it fits) and credit is gladly attributed, but rights are reserved.

NOTE: All players in any of my campaigns or projects are welcome to contribute by addign details found out through whatever source. In fact I would be delighted to get assistance. But if you DO want to help editing, an account needs to be made for you as the wiki is locked down to avoid spammers.

It also covers the Hökaland "meta game" (that is still not permanently mothballed) as well as Hökaland the online web strategy game.

Featured Articles

Like the more famous Wikipedia, I am striving to present articles at a high quality; many are just collections of notes. This section will list articles that I feel are good enough to be "officially done", with continous development. Mind you that this is not an automatic list, so a full list of articles (currently just a few) can be found in the Featured category.

  • Gentry - Fairly detailed article explaining the type of feudal system that is dominant in the "main section" of the world.
  • Religion - Article detailing religions, religiosity and related terms in the world.


These are campaigns that are active/inactive in Hökaland.

Name Start Theme Group System Status
Active campaigns
CoS 1 2022-09-06 Curse of Strahd Epsilon Pathfinder 2e Ongoing (3+ sessions)
Hökaland IPO 2015-01 Hökaland sandbox & lots Gamma DnD 5e Inactive-ish >2018 (66 sessions)
Inactive campaigns
Hökaland Escape 2022-03-29 Hunted/survival hexploration Delta Pathfinder 2e Finished 2022-08-12 (5? sessions)
Hökaland PF2 2021-03-14 One murder investigation; to test PF2 Delta Pathfinder 2e Finished 2022-03-29 (14 sessions)
Hökaland England 2015 Intrigue/adventure Alpha Pathfinder Inactive, died (1 session)
Hökaland Uppsala 2014 N/A Beta N/A Inactive, died before session 1
Capitoleum one-off 2014 Detective work Alpha + Ben DnD 3.5 Finished (1 session)
Coin & Blood 2013 Mercenary management & mass warfare Alpha DnD 3.5 Inactive, died (2 sessions)


  • Epsilon - Engh, Julle, Staffan, Jaroslav, Jonas
  • Delta - Engh, Julle, Staffan
  • Gamma - Engh, Gabriel, Julle, Lars-Åke, Masen, Staffan (ex: Heather, Petteri)
  • Beta - Cancelled - Uppsala BORK-associated players
  • Alpha - Dan, Dushyant, Gordy, Joe, Phil


These are the latest news items. The rest are archived on the News page.

Curse of Strahd up!

Following the summer break on the Hökaland Escape campaign, momentum was diminished and we all felt that the concept of "escaping" from an unseen assailant and "exploration" was a bad match. Character didn't have a lot of time intermingling and there was no feeling of either fear, excitement or, well, much of anything. PF2 is excellently designed but the reliance on conditions sort of requires fairly frequent play to keep it all active in one's head and we've struggled with this.

We decided I was going to ask in the FB group if anyone wanted to play in Uppsala to increase party size from 3 to 4 or 5 and then have a "minimum 3 players" policy instead to ensure we can almost always have 1 session per week. I did so and though tough to get people to organise, even harder with people we didn't know so in the end only Jaroslav showed dedicated interest and rather than booking in more meetings with potential players, we simply recruited him and used the meeting as a rough session 0.

After some debates on Hökaland or premade campaigns (including rise of the Runelords) we decided on Curse of Strahd. A few days before the first session (2022-09-06), Jonas was also invited and accepted into the campaign. Yesterday the second session was run with some delays and we're looking forward to future vampire-killing adventures! :D

Meanwhile, I am doing what I can to get the IPO campaign running again. It was converted to 5e last year and I'm struggling a little but there are progress made.

Leord (talk) 15:38, 14 September 2022 (CEST)

Hexploration working fine

After a few sessions it seems Hexploration is a fairly fun and engaging system. I have expanded on the Activities a bit further and made degrees of success to them and will try it out this coming Tuesday.

I have yet to organise the next IPO session and it seems more and more likely it will have to wait until after the summer break. Maybe do 1 on 1 on a new player.

Leord (talk) 16:20, 13 May 2022 (CEST)

Picking it up

After losing news a few years back I stopped making updates. Sicne then, I have been off sick from exhaustion, partly a reason for halting Hökaland IPO, and played in Jonas's CoS an sated a trial PF2 campaign with some Uppsala players. I am starting to get better and getting back on IPO, ending PF2 and starting Escape. Check out healing and fatigue for PF2 house rules used! :)

Leord (talk) 00:03, 6 April 2022 (CEST)

Web Game

Currently down

The game as it is sits on the UWE servers and was the Digital Media Project of my Web Design degree.

Game of Houses