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Status: Active (10 sessions since 2021-03-14)

This campaign started on 2021-03-14. The campaign runs Pathfinder 2e.

Current Members

  • Thomas, the cleric
  • Pyry, the hustle
  • Rex, the investigator

Mentioned characters

  • Mollie, deceased friend of Kit and Lillie
  • Kit, Pyry's fun-loving girlfriend
  • Lillie, Mollies less mentally stable friend
  • Cain, the war priest (fm PC)
  • Constable Claude at Stripes constabulary
  • Detective Martin at Stripes constabulary
  • Harold, deacon and handymen at the Westfield Amplectoral
  • The Hand of Rahn relic in the Grand Amplectoral
  • Auxil, deacon and handymen at the Westfield Amplectoral
  • Akhein, Thomas' new apprentice
  • Bishop Edmund at the Great Westfield Amplectoral
  • Renhard, fat reveller from Gentle Men's Club with a grudge


Public notes for sessions. If you fix errors or clarify, please inform GM.

Session 1


  • Met up, Thomas buys Pyry's debts, spoke of mystic stuff
  • GF of Pyry (Kit) talks
  • Kit's friend Lillie comes in. Mollie död.
  • Investigate, strangtled
  • Ask neighbour Mike, runs, Pyry follows, ambushed
  • Thomas/Cain look after Kit's friend and invetigate
  • Pyry went with Kit to check with Sickle
  • Take Lillie away - attacked by thugs

Session 2


  • Meet up at last ambush
  • Cain drags bodies around in full view
  • Lillie -> Chubby Kitten
  • Arrested by Stripes - talk - get out
  • Visits the brothel (Scarlet Tea Rooms) - gets info on guards (5) and more
  • Cain gave a worker 10g
  • Pyry aks for "something extra" in tea (faerie powder)
  • Rest for the night - Chubby
  • Talk to Claude at Stripes constabulary also detective Martin
  • Got interrogation logs
  • Sneaks to Gentle Man's Club, gets questioned by Stan
  • Diplomacy OK, goes in and have a pint
  • Told about the gambling on hounds/cocks/humans fight -- tomorrow it's people
  • Pyry bit excited - looked at the hounds

Session 3


  • Made some prep, checking rumours - mainly about the blood
  • Slow drinking all day
  • Enters, gets some drinks, traversing down
  • Names party "Dolly"
  • Pyry does some betting while Cain and Thomas sneaks around (Baerun)
  • Steals opals, leaves gold - Cain almost knocked out from poison trap(s)
  • Bet: Norris 2,2 och Quina låga odds 1,3 - is it a setup??
  • Pyry 70,1g all in bet - last second match clear!
  • Cain and Thomas starts a fire
  • Chaos ensues, Cain and Thomas get out first and Pyry takes bookie down as well as some others

Session 4


  • Pyry soap boxes
  • Cain crushed a fat man's balls
  • Thomas saved a man
  • Pyry befriends Baerun (bookie), introduced to Nirol (guard boss?)
  • Found each other in caves
  • Help clear
  • Stole some stuff
  • VIP
  • Harold - sneaky, wrote some down, some not - sect
  • Went to bed Kit sorts debts

Session 5


  • Bathing/slow start - Reviews dreams
  • Reviews events of yesterday, incl Harold saying meet at the Grand Amplectoral
  • What to do? -- Reward for kid? (bad idea; lots of kids!)
  • Visits Constabulary 43 and talk to Detective Martin, brings sausage
  • Witnesses were taken care of rather than attacks on party
  • Heads to Amplectoral, Pyry will sneak behind
  • Binds weapons; religious sensation (first the power of God and then gone (Cain) or replaced with strength (Thomas))
  • Harold greets, leads to catacombs, shows large stone chest easily opened
  • A skeleton underarm and hand
  • Touch = bright light power (Thomas) or knocked unconsious (Cain)
  • We need to burn or convert all other temples
  • Later Pyry tries touching the hand; knocked 20 feet back, unconscious

Session 6


  • Leaves Great Amplectoral catacombs and goes to Chubby Kitten
  • A blond noble/religious man shows up and asks party to join him in Westfield Amplectoral
  • Thin "Homelander"
  • "Roland said about the murder"
  • Heads to Westfield Amplectoral
  • Goes to garden, asks a lot of questions
  • No particular information exchanged
  • "Please wait a second"
  • Attacked by thugs/guards (long battle)
  • Door Guard [Anteni] runs, one "sniper" super healed by Thomas [Akhein]

Session 7


  • Drags guard in and he has had a religious experience [Akhein]
  • Slightly tanned, dark hair
  • Thomas does last rites on 2 dead guards (loots)
  • Hinred
  • Knows Harold, but not well
  • Looks for Auxil, then Harold, then talking to Bishop ("Murder in back yard!")
  • Secretary [Entil]. Tells Bishop of friend's child.
  • Bishop shows genuine interest in solving or punishing Auxil if intentional
  • Cuts own arm, Thomas heals
  • Cain says Rahn's Hand is fake or not Rahn relic
  • Cain calls Bishop "asshole"
  • Bishop calmly walks over, punch in stomach
  • Cain calls Searing Light, Bishop swaps positions w secretary who is incinerated
  • Edmund casts Laugh and Calm Emotions on Cain
  • Cain taken to dungeon, no resist. Bishop offers to release him by mistake.
  • Gives Thomas "Rahn's Words" book
  • Ensures Cain doesn't try to escape
  • Re-roll Investigator Rex

Session 8


  • Thomas & Pyry goes to Chubby Kitten after leaving Cain in the midnight
  • Rex has been asked to investigate murder by Lillie, been looking for a day and a bit
  • Rex finds a connection to talk to Deacon Guarin who would know Auxil; Guarin books appointment
  • Later at Amplectoral: Akhein shows up and warns most people think the party is bad
  • Goes to Auxil and discuss the situation, talk about the Hand or Rahn relic
  • Auxil orders tea and a couple minutes later the room is stormed by guards
  • We leave mid-combat with Auxil unbloodied and one messed up armoured guard, rest downed/dead

Session 9


  • Battle rages and Auxil is downed by Rex
  • Auxil is bound to his chair before Thomas heals everyone up
  • The church knight Freman is very much convinced
  • The man is convinced to help, seemingly crushed to the core and directionless
  • They go to Harold's room stealing some items and finding two notes in Harold/Bishop's hand regarding the mystery
  • The Hand of Rahn is discussed, that it may be manipulating
  • Akhein will join Cain and try to help
  • Auxil will delay information dissimination from here
  • Plan is to lure Harold into an empty/suitable building and question him regarding recruitment

Session 10


  • Pyry realises he has not heard from Kit in alarmingly long time
  • Party heads to Chubby Kitten, Pyry follows with stealth
  • Rex is using his network, going to hisplace to get stuff
  • Pyry finds that Lillie (murdered Mollie's other best friend) left their safe room after a while and went to the Church of Sabenius
  • Pyry coaxes information out of Priorae Roland and asks him to send her a message and some gold
  • Pyry follows the runner to the Westfield Amlectoral where the runner stopped
  • When runner continued, Pyry asks the janitor to recall the message and he gives him the address by mistake
  • Collects the other two (Thomas in a bath and Rex has sourced a good stables and a *probable* Harold meetup)
  • Go to Lillies; she doesn't open but an oddball cloth vendor neighbour does
  • After a "Mollie/Lillie" mistake, Lillie is calmed down and talks
  • Discuss Kit; Rex (also friend) thinks Shadows probably didn't take her, Pyry is skeptical
  • Party decide to try and use the two hours they have before the Harold meet to check on Shadows
  • Party enters the catacombs the way Pyry did a couple of days back with Kit

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