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CoS 1 is a roleplaying campaign using a modified Curse of Strahd module using the DnD 5e system set in Forgotten Realms (Faerûn/Demiplanes of Dread), run by Gunnar Petzäll as DM and the Epsilon group (Ann, Julle, Lifven, Jaroslav, Jonas & Staffan) as players.

The campaign follows a group of Forgotten Realms characters who end up in in a forgotten realm, with varying motivations to mostly make the world a better place.

House Rules

Session prep

Main Cast

Current level: 5

Player Character Sheet PDF Ini HP AC Per Hit DC Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha Prof
Ann Ismark Link Link +4 27 17 +6 +6 n/a -1 +4* +1 +1* +2 +0 +2
Daniel E Kev (Kevavor) Link Link +4 31 15 +3 +5 15 -1 +3* +2 -1 +1 +5* +2
Christopher Luna Link [ Link] +0 38 (25 temp) 11 +4 +1 14 -1 +0 +4 +1* +4* +2 +2
Fredrik Goncai Link [ Link] +8 37 13 +2 +1 15 -1 +3 +3 +4* -1* -1 +2
Jaroslav Jack Link [ Link] +4 22 17 (14) +1 +6 13 -1 +4 +1 +3* +1* -1 +2
Jonas Bigwig Link [ Link] +1 45 16 +3 +6 n/a +4* +1 +3* -1 +1 -1 +2
Staffan Garth Link [ Link] +0 43 18 +2 +6 12 +4 +0 +3* -1 +0 +2 +2



2022-09-20 to recent
  • S1 2022-09-06 - as planned
  • S2 2022-09-13 - as planned
  • S3 2022-09-20 - as planned - 3/5
    • Christopher & Staffan unavailable
  • S4 2022-09-27 - as planned - 4/5
    • Daniel unavailable (came lol)
  • S5 2022-10-04 - as planned - 3/5
    • (Jaroslav & Christopher couldn't make it')
  • S6 2022-10-11 - as planned - 3/5
    • Jaroslav & Christopher unavailable (Jaroslav came)
  • 2022-10-18 - CANCELLED
    • Daniel & Christopher unavailable
  • S7 2022-10-25 - as planned - 4/5
    • Staffan last minute sick note
  • S8 2022-11-01 - as planned - 3/5
    • Jonas & Engh unavailable
  • S9 2022-11-08 - as planned - 5/5
  • S10 2022-11-15 - as planned - 4/5
    • Daniel unavailable
  • 2022-11-22 - CANCELLED!
  • S11 2022-11-29 - as planned - 4/5
    • Christopher unavailable
  • 2022-12-06 - CANCELLED!
    • Daniel & Staffan & Jonas unavailable - Boardgame instead
    • Daniel ill and then moved to Stockholm. :(
  • S12 2023-01-11 - as planned - 5/6
    • Jonas in Spain
  • S13 2023-01-17 - as planned - 5/6
    • Jaroslav stuck at work
  • S14 2023-01-31 - as planned - 5/6
    • Ann unavailable
  • S15 2023-02-13 - as planned - 5/6
    • Jaroslav unavailable
  • S16 2023-02-21 - as planned - 5/6
    • Jaroslav unavailable
  • S17 2023-02-28 - as planned - 6/6
  • S18 2023-03-07 - as planned - 6/6
  • S19 2023-03-17 - moved to Friday - 5/6
    • Jonas unavailable
  • S20 2023-03-21 - as planned - 6/6
  • S21 2023-03-28 - as planned - 6/6
  • S22 2023-04-04 - as planned - 6/6
  • S23 2023-04-11 - as planned - 6/6
  • SXX 2023-07-18 - as planned - 5/6
    • Julle unavailable
  • SXX 2023-07-25 - as planned - 5/6
    • Julle unavailable
  • Sxx 2023-08-01 - as planned - 5/6
    • Julle unavailable


Meeting Madam Eva

(Session 17 - 2023-02-28 - [Day 9] all)

Bigwig's summary (in the Harengon language)

Idag så träffade vi en illusion vid hangman cross. På vägen till vistani camp där bigwig ville hitta sin hund upptäckte vi en raven som var extra resistant eller udda. När vi kom fram var det fest tills vi fick träffa madam Eva. En flickas mamma fick en docka av bigwig. Hundarna kunde ingenting.



Loot. Choose 3 (all magical, all enchantment, I assume):

Full plate mail - The Antithesis

  • Painted red with golden details akin to eagle's feathers, including a few protruding ones on the sabatons
  • Requires attunement. + 1 armor with 4 charges
  • 1 charge to cast True Strike as a bonus action
  • 2 charges to cast misty step as a bonus action
  • 2 charges to use a bonus action or reaction so that the next damage you receive until the start of your next turn is halved
  • Regain 1d4-2 charges at dawn.

Chain shirt - The Chimera

  • Painted red with each scale having a golden edge at the lower part of the scale; left side has a shoulder pad in the shape of a eagle's beak while the right one is missing or wasn't part of the ensemble.
  • Requires attunement. + 1 armor with 4 charges
  • 1 charge to cast True Strike as a bonus action
  • 2 charges to cast misty step as a bonus action
  • 2 charges to use a bonus action or reaction so that the next damage you receive until the start of your next turn is halved
  • Regain 1d4-2 charges at dawn.

Greatsword - Moonlight Greatsword

Moonlight Greatsword

  • Greatsword, very rare (requires attunement)
  • This silver greatsword glimmers softly with moonlight. You gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this weapon. This bonus increases to +2 while under the light of a moon, and increases to +3 while under the light of a full moon.
  • This sword has 4 charges. While holding it, you can expend charges and use an action to cast one of the following spells from the sword: guiding bolt (1 charge; spell attack bonus +7), healing word (1 charge; +4 ability modifier), moonbeam (2 charges; spell save DC 15). The sword regains 1d4 charges each night at midnight. It regains all charges on the midnight of a full moon.

Shortsword +1

  • Requires attunement. +1 weapon that has a dim blue light is visible. It lights up 10 ft radius if it's in darker than dim light.

Shortsword +1

  • Requires attunement. +1 weapon that has a dim blue light is visible. It lights up 10 ft radius if it's in darker than dim light.

Cloak of Protection

ALSO Scroll of Hold Person 4x Potion of Healing

  • Talk to Baron Vasili von Holtz who trades in expensive items (and wine), who gave the party three pieces of loot (see list)
    1. Greatsword
    2. Full plate
    3. Short sword
  • Not allowed to see Madam Eva at arrival, but friendly otherwise
  • Arahja welcoming guy
  • Eliza with pet magpie Grugeh ask party to buy a doll at Blinsky's Toys in Vallaki (only toy shop) and give to niece Arabelle north of Vallaki, got 25g for the doll (doll probably going to be about 5-10g)
    • Vistani banned from entering Vallaki. They are hostile to outsiders.
  • Madam Eva expressed mild disappointment on the late arrival but did understand the need to save Barovia Village
    • Read 5 Tarokka Cards (see list)
  • Session ended with reading and Madam Eva offered to do individual readings that I'll sen privately on Messenger
Tarokka Reading

This card tells of history. Knowledge of the ancient will help you better understand your enemy.


A man is not what he seems. He comes here in a carnival wagon. Therein lies what you seek.

This card tells of a powerful force for good and protection, a holy symbol of great hope.


An evil tree grows atop a hill of graves where the ancient dead sleep. The ravens can help you find it. Look for the treasure there.

This is a card of power and strength. It tells of a weapon of vengeance: A sword of sunlight.


Look for a den of wolves in the hills overlooking a mountain lake. The blade belongs to the Huntress.

This card sheds light on one who will help you greatly in the battle against darkness.

  • The Tempter

I see a child - a Vistana. You must hurry, for her fate hangs in the balance. Find her at the lake!
Her visage fades, her face falters between tears of joy and a face of terror.
I hear a wedding bell, or perhaps a death knell. It calls thee to a mountainside abbey, wherein you will find a woman who is more than the sum of her parts.

Your enemy is a creature of darkness, whose powers are beyond mortality. This card will lead you to him!


I see a dark figure on a balcony, looking down upon this tortured land with a twisted smile.

(End of session)

Crossroads Search & Vatu Farm

(Session 18 - 2023-03-07 - [Day 9] all)

Ismarks's journal entry:

The Vistani Camp was such a nice experience, it warmed my heart to see Ireena smile as she played and danced with the children. I could also appreciate some of my travel companions on a new level.

BigWig is strong-willed and sometimes borders on bellicose, but he has strong morals and seems honest to a fault. He makes me laugh often and I am beginning to truly enjoy his company. Jack, who had impressed me as being somewhat withdrawn, almost surly, I now understand to be a deep soul who takes care to watch and listen. I suspect a brilliant tactician. Garth, under his sometimes stoic demeanor, is a joyous man. Luna is somewhat of a mystery still, but only natural that it takes longer to understand another race. I have come to think of her as The Kind Lady since she has healed me on so many occasions.

I had some doubts, which I shared with Ireena, about Goncai. Something about him and the way he turned up didn’t sit right with me. But I had come to understand that he was carrying a deep recent trauma. His awkwardness in some dealings with people don’t come from arrogance or dismissiveness I now think. For one, he is just brutally honest and doesn’t see anything wrong with it, but also, he keeps people at arm’s length to protect the still fresh wound. From losing what seems to have been a family to him.

Our reading with Madam Eva was informative and I felt reassured to finally get some direction. But my private reading soon darkened my mind again. What am I supposed to do? How could I leave the villagers to fend for themselves? Should I have stayed behind and let our new friends take Ireena to Vallaki? No… And what would Father have done...? Madam Eva gave me a good luck charm and I think she hinted it has magical properties, but I doubt it, probably just something she says as part of her trade. I have seen many Vistani wear it and it seems to suggest kinship, so I won’t wear it openly.

Anyhow, looking forward to an evening and night of good rest with the Vistani, suddenly the party is roused and want to return and investigate the graves by the fork in the road. Only Garth and I oppose this but bow to majority. At least Garth lets me drive the cart this time, he is sulking in the back.

Nothing much is found at the site, so we are soon off again but the horses have only just started moving when behind me, shouts go up.

Luna: -It’s me! There, do you see!?

Various: -Don't look! -Go now Ismark, hurry! -Faster, Left! Left!

I rush the horses away from the graves and gallows, and only when it is safe to slow down, I realize we are not going back to the Vistani camp but instead pushing on to the waystation. I curse myself for not paying attention to my companions yet again, sometimes they’re just too much and I tune them out. I exchange a look with Garth over my shoulder, he gives me a crooked smile with rolling eye, must keep myself from laughing out loud. The woods are dense and silent.

I am just about to point out how the bark of one tree looks remarkably like a face when I realize it IS a face. Horrorstruck, I see how trees with twisted faces lean over and reach for us with branches like arms. Someone yells "Attack!" as I draw my sword, and it all blurs together.

I find myself standing over the tree I attacked, it seems incapacitated, my sword has left a deep gash and I see something I assume is its innards. I shout for aid to finish it off, but my heart sinks when I look around. We are clearly outmatched. Before I can even think, something swarms me, and all is dark again.

I am awakened by a brutal hit that flings me a good distance. Ireena pulls me to my feet; I ask her if she’s hurt.

Ireena- AM I hurt? I just saved your life!

I blabber something and franticly look around for the rest of us. Goncai is clearly dead, but I launch for him anyway as Ireena holds me back.

Ireena- He's dead, forget about him!

The entire party is in dire peril. Some kind of grubs from the trees mass over everything, poor Goncai is covered, and I can even see they have started to devour him. To my shame, I think of just grabbing Ireena and running away. But instead, I hear a voice whisper like wind through my head: “Little Burgomaster…”. I grasp inside my leather jerkin, enclose the Vistani amulet in my hand and pray. A sound like an explosion rip through my body and the earth renders under my feet. Before I open my eyes, I know that we have been granted aid. We will fight off this foe. But Goncai lies still. As dead as before.

GM Notes:

  • Actual earthquake
  • Treants literally turned to wood
  • Majority of grubs just fell down dead
  • Moving away from the wagon, there is nothing left of Goncai but bloody tatters of his clothes with a skeleton lying inside

(End of Session)

(Session 19 - 2023-03-17 - [Day 9] -Jonas)

[Day 10]

(End of Session)


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