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CoS 1 is a roleplaying campaign using a modified Curse of Strahd module using the DnD 5e system set in Forgotten Realms (Faerûn/Demiplanes of Dread), run by Gunnar Petzäll as DM and the Epsilon group (Ann, Elly, Jenny, Julle, (Jaroslav,) Jonas & Staffan) as players.

The campaign follows a group of Forgotten Realms characters who end up in in a forgotten realm, with varying motivations to mostly make the world a better place.

House Rules

Session prep

Main Cast

Current level: 6

Player Character Sheet PDF Ini HP AC Per Hit DC Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha Prof
Christopher Nibbins Link Link +1 38 (25 temp) 16 +4 +1 14 -1 +1 +4 +4* +5* +2 +2
Elly Elly Link [ Link] + + + + + + +3
Jenny Darling Link [ Link] +1 + + + + + + + + +
Jonas Bigwig Link [ Link] +1 45 16 +3 +6 n/a +4* +1 +3* -1 +1 -1 +2
Staffan Garth Link [ Link] +0 43 18 +2 +6 12 +4 +0 +3* -1 +0 +2 +2


Old chars

  • old - kevavor
Player Character Sheet PDF Ini HP AC Per Hit DC Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha Prof
Christopher Luna Link Link +1 38 (25 temp) 16 +4 +1 14 -1 +1 +4 +4* +5* +2 +2
Ann Ismark Link Link +4 27 17 +6 +6 n/a -1 +4* +1 +1* +2 +0 +2
Fredrik Goncai Link [ Link] +8 37 13 +2 +1 15 -1 +3 +3 +4* -1* -1 +2
Jaroslav Jack Link [ Link] +4 22 17 (14) +1 +6 13 -1 +4 +1 +3* +1* -1 +2



2022-09-20 to recent
  • S1 2022-09-06 - as planned
  • S2 2022-09-13 - as planned
  • S3 2022-09-20 - as planned - 3/5
    • Christopher & Staffan unavailable
  • S4 2022-09-27 - as planned - 4/5
    • Daniel unavailable (came lol)
  • S5 2022-10-04 - as planned - 3/5
    • (Jaroslav & Christopher couldn't make it')
  • S6 2022-10-11 - as planned - 3/5
    • Jaroslav & Christopher unavailable (Jaroslav came)
  • 2022-10-18 - CANCELLED
    • Daniel & Christopher unavailable
  • S7 2022-10-25 - as planned - 4/5
    • Staffan last minute sick note
  • S8 2022-11-01 - as planned - 3/5
    • Jonas & Engh unavailable
  • S9 2022-11-08 - as planned - 5/5
  • S10 2022-11-15 - as planned - 4/5
    • Daniel unavailable
  • 2022-11-22 - CANCELLED!
  • S11 2022-11-29 - as planned - 4/5
    • Christopher unavailable
  • 2022-12-06 - CANCELLED!
    • Daniel & Staffan & Jonas unavailable - Boardgame instead
    • Daniel ill and then moved to Stockholm. :(
  • S12 2023-01-11 - as planned - 5/6
    • Jonas in Spain
  • S13 2023-01-17 - as planned - 5/6
    • Jaroslav stuck at work
  • S14 2023-01-31 - as planned - 5/6
    • Ann unavailable
  • S15 2023-02-13 - as planned - 5/6
    • Jaroslav unavailable
  • S16 2023-02-21 - as planned - 5/6
    • Jaroslav unavailable
  • S17 2023-02-28 - as planned - 6/6
  • S18 2023-03-07 - as planned - 6/6
  • S19 2023-03-17 - moved to Friday - 5/6
    • Jonas unavailable
  • S20 2023-03-21 - as planned - 5/6
    • Ann unavailable
  • S21 2023-03-28 - as planned - 6/6
  • 2023-04-04 - CANCELLED!
  • S22 2023-04-11 - as planned - 5/6
    • Fredrik unavailable
  • 2023-04-18 - CANCELLED!
  • 2023-04-25 - CANCELLED!
  • S23 2023-05-02 - as planned - 5/6
    • Ann unavailable
  • S24 2023-05-09 - as planned - 4/6
    • Ann & Jaroslav unavailable
  • S25 2023-05-16 - as planned - 4/6
    • Ann & Staffan unavailable
  • S26 2023-05-23 - as planned - 4/6
    • Ann & Staffan unavailable
  • S27 2023-05-30 - as planned - 5/6
    • Lifen unavailable
  • S28 2023-06-06 - as planned - 6/6
  • S29 2023-06-13 - as planned - 6/6
  • S30 2023-06-20 - as planned - 6/6
  • S31 2023-06-27 - as planned - 6/6
  • S32 2023-06-20 - as planned - 6/6
    • Last Jaroslav session?
  • 2023-07-04 - SUMMER BREAK
  • 2023-07-11 - SUMMER BREAK
  • 2023-07-18 - SUMMER BREAK
    • Julle unavailable
  • SXX 2023-07-25 - as planned - 5/6
    • Julle unavailable
  • Sxx 2023-08-01 - as planned - 5/6
    • Julle unavailable
  • S66 2023-08-00 - as planned - 6/6


Chapter 7: On the Footpath to Prophecy

Wizard of Wines

Several hours on the road in the Black Carriage later (circumventing the town of Vallaki), they steered down the road towards Yester Hill, but Darling spots the first sign of ravens since leaving Ravenloft and tells thye party something's up. They request the carriage to stop, which it doesn't, instead everyone jumps out despite the pains involved and track back to the ravens. There, in the forest, they find an old man in cape that claims to be the owner of the Wizard of Wines who say the vineyard is run over by blights of different types and he blames the "forest people"/"druids".

It takes quitre some convincing that the party can help him defeat them (some lines of question goes to "can't we just kill the forest people on Yester Hill and the blights die, but probably not), but eventually the party heads into the vineyard, prepared to levitate high above them, and pelting the plant monstrosities with arrows, spells and alchemist fire. At first sight of the vineyard, numerous twig blights rush up, maliciously, but quickly just stomped out.

Shapes in the mist starts to react and dozens of large and a handful of huge shapes starts shuffling towards the party, where all but the stout paladin have lifted into the skies.

(End of session.)

They Came. From. Above.

(Session 38 - 2023-10-31 - [Day 15] -Garth )

Sweeping around the vineyard, the party flies around, pelting the abominations with arrows, and spells. It takes a long time, but they manage to attract and destroy the majority of them and definitely all of the ones close to the house itself.

The Vineyard Battle

Party enters building, seeing a "druid" and immediately Nibbins attack and attack her to knock her out (with some help). Exploring the house they find more and take them out, reaching the tapping room, full of bushes and a few druids. Fighting ensues, fires created, and damage dealt. The session ends with one slinging a spell and fleeing.

(End of session.)

(Session 39 - 2023-11-07 - [Day 15] -Garth )

Right before Bigwig's eyes, the forest folk woman is whisked away into the sky and he rushes after only to find her prone on the ground outside the house. He abandoned carefulness and wailed at the woman who barely had time to scream before her voice stopped with a gurgling sound. With a quick glance he saw one additionbal forest folk man in the window, clearly the one trying to whisk the first one to safety. Still full of adrenaline, he jumped up to the window and managed to hang on and swing at the man.

Saying more cryptic things in druidic and then summoning corrupted spores to infest the bunny with blight, causing immense pain, a vine blight stepped over and hit at him, catching him in vines while the forest man ran off. As Bigwig chopped the blight to pieces he fell down outside the house but quickly jumped right back up and took chase.

The last corrupted druid put up a fight, summoning fire and sleetstorms and tried to flee out the back window. He wounded himself in the fall and shortly thereafter met his end.

With a few seconds to breathe, the party noticed a small number of the large trees heading their way and would arrive at the house in a few minutes, some of which had those nasty rot grub fruits. They decided to interrogate the remaining druid and to fall back towards the forest while Nibbins decided to destroy the staves with green light that the druids had carried. When the second one broke, the glimmer of green dissipating, he noticed two of the walking trees simply stopping. After some hustle and convincing the other party members that it's not worth keeping the staves as loot, when the last staff was broken the last tree stopped moving.

With even more of a sense of breathing room, the party headed to the Martikov camp and spoke to Davian Martikov. As the party headed towards the Martikov camp to get all of their belongings back to their vineyard, a black fiery thing streaked across the sky, high in the misty clouds. It travelled essentially from the East to the West, aiming for Yester Hill. The source they decided could have been Vallaki, forests, mountains or ... Castle Ravenloft.

In the camp they discussed rewards and potentially some sort of franchising agreement with the Martikovs to deliver wine (not actually delivering, just being am iddle management taking money) and Davien seemed fine with that, elated to potenmtially having his home back. He also felt he could trust the party enough to tell them about the magic stones that they used to have buried under the vineyard fields that kept the grounds fertile enough to make wine in this colde climate and how there used to be three. One disappeared a few years back, one about two weeks ago when the first attacks happened with armies of scarecrows and this last attack with tree blights, a couple of days ago when they couldn't hold them off and fled into the forest, children and all.

Davien didn't know what had happened to the stone stolen a couple of weeks ago but the latest one he saw being taken towards Yester Hill, the sort of base (more like holy place and burial grounds) of the Forest Folk of Barovia. He said that the Forest Folk includes both the nature elders, and barbaric fighters, and had been part of Barovia since time immemorial but rumours went that they had slowly gone crazy after Strahd took control of the land and some or all of them now worship Strahd instead of the ancient nature spirits they used to adhere to.

Bigwig was excited and talking that "this is my prophecy, my patron the lady of the forest must be their old god/spirit thing". After some further discussion the party decided to help the Martikovs pack up and get back into their home, sort out some wine for delivery and see if they can retrieve the stone from Yester Hill tomorrow.

About an hour after first seeing that black fiery projectile in the sky, it returned, seemingly the same way it had come, as the party helped the Martikov to transport their belongings home.

(End of session.)

[Day 16]

[Lvl up to 7]

Approaching Yester Hill

(Session 40 - 2023-11-21 - [Day 16] all! )

After doing some basic repairs at the vineyard, the party settled down for the night with hot vegetable stew in their tummies. Bigwig prayed to his forest spirit and was led to her place but then led on to a swamp and met the swamp spirit in her stead. He asked about HOW to restore the woods and the spirit specifically asked if he would "reconsecrate" them and she would teach him. He said "yes" and before he added stipupation, she said "wonderful" with a spoken finality to it. He also found out they are three, not one or two. The bunny's persistent Bark skin regrew after the encounter and he found that touching plants (even wooden boards in the house) grants him the ability to view the history of its life while alive.

Zif, Darling and Nibbins were rudely introduced to Barovian nightmares and the entire party was subsumed in Bigwig's vision meeting during the night, being introduced to the stone archway leading into a forest sanctum and where two spirits resided, a female creature with large antlers and one in a black cowl having eight eyes. Everyone had some poor experience with their dreams, though the physical effects varied greatly. The party took a slow morning to let the Barovian illness that came from the dreams dissipate and started to head out towards Yester Hill and the suspected place where the magical emerald last stolen from the Martikovs would be. Davian and his two oldest sons, Adrian and Elvir, joined the party as ranged backup.

(End of session.)


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