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Status: Inactive, died (2 sessions)

This campaign was started back in the spring of 2013 and only went for a few sessions. The idea was fun but a bit overwhelming to bring in mass-battles. Due to university and not having time, the campaign is cancelled but the characters live on in Hökaland. The characters will be converted to Pathfinder and used as NPCs, if they cross paths with the players.

Get started

  1. Read the introduction, it briefly explains the setting and what races are available.
  2. Handy guide for character creation.
    • The 15 point buy is used (roughly equivalent to 25 point buy in DnD 3.5).
  3. Some help to make the actual character background.

House Rules Used

[ edit ]

  • Traits - Maximum 2.
  • Flaws - Maximum 1. Almost all of them are ok (including third party stuff), but you have to check with me first. That link is just one (good) example.
  • Damage Conversion (AC) - Armoured characters converts some lethal damage to nonlethal as in Unearthed Arcana (with a small fix).
  • Hero Points are introduced at lvl 3.
  • Damage and healing - Increased detail to go with wounds, primarily. There's now also an incentive to sleep comfortably.
  • ALL MAGIC IS x2 COST. That includes enhancements on items, scrolls, potions, services, ALL! It also means that the material cost in crafting magical items is higher.
  • Masterwork - Partly added to make up for a lack of magical weapons. These non-magical items packs a punch!
  • Environment - Rules for sleep deprivation and hunger/thirst.
  • Starting above lvl 1: Max 50% of wealth on 1 item.
    • Recommend: Weapon 25% - Armour 25% - Other magic 25% - Consumables 15% - Ordinary/coins 10%

Extra reading

If Anything is Unclear

  • Ask


Day -9 1677-05-16

  • Session 1
  • John enters Riverwhite in Goldhelm, looking for work. In Raging Admiral, tipped of tha there is a mercenary camp on south of river outside of town.
  • John joins Coin and Blood. Will fight for House Foley to suppress worker upset.

Day -8 1677-05-17

  • John fights. The attack is ambushed, but D&B suceeds anyway.
  • C&B celebrates and plans to go to the Haldean Kingdom the next day.

Day -7 1677-05-18

  • C&B travels to Haldean (8 days hard travel)

Day 0 1677-05-25

  • Arrive in Haldean, registers and camps in designated camping spot on river bank.

Day 1 1677-05-26

  • Gahariet and Uthred meet on a drunken night in Scima. Joins C&B.

Day 2 1677-05-27

  • Gahariet & Uthred meets John in C&B camp.
  • Gets to know people like Narder, Stiny, Ninki, Rancis, Pholes, Gery, Greany and Gylip

Day 3 1677-05-28

  • Extermination of a band of local kobolds.
  • Narder doesn't do very well and leads poorly, according to players' characters.
  • Group heads to town to party.
  • Ryan enters Scima in evening, looks for jobs.

Day 4 1677-05-29

  • Early in the morning, Pholes asks Uthred for help in a special matter. The two shortly thereafter departs heading north.
  • Ryan sees if any mercenaries need a cook.
  • Rancis thinks it's a good idea, convinces Narder to give him half salary and Rancis supplies the other half.
  • Breakfast socialising. Day spent in leisure.
  • Narder has a new job for the mercenary band: Fighting their way to and killing a young noble man named Remmil of house Lin. Small noble house, so probably won't be missed.
  • In the evening, Gahariet suggests to Narder that C&B can make a bet with another merc band about who can kill Remmil first gets the current war chest of the other merc band.
  • Narder heads off to do the deal. People socialise.
  • A while later, it turns out Narder has made the deal with almost ALL merc bands. Panic ensues.
  • 18:00
  • The team desperately tries to recruit more people, gets a handful.
  • John gets Rancis out of enjoying a prostitute and they create false papers for a nobleman to acquire work from the local dungeon.
  • Gahariet gets out into the night to get some young people drunk and recruit them. Gets 11.
  • C&B heads north just before midnight, when no other band was expecting it.
  • 00:00

Day 5 1677-05-30

  • Other merc bands starts to get ready as well when they notice the D&B are off.
  • Narder explains he set the bands, including the Squids and Dull Swords to go via the Green Hill, east of the main road, and they would probably start fighting each other, enveloping all of the bands.
  • General attitude towards Narder eased up.
  • 06:00
  • C&B is attacked by a smaller other band, seems like a coordinated attack.
  • Members could hear the phrase "kill the prince".
  • The attack is fought off, some losses:
    • 8 newbies died, one had a plain silver ring.
    • 3 newbies survived: Nimrod, Mike and Hermand.
    • 3 prisoners died, 5 fled, 4 survived.
  • 9 riders had attacked from the rear, killing several of the younger ones, and a few small groups had attacked other parts of the mercenary band. They were all despatched besides one that fled.
  • 6 riders attacked further up on Rancis's wagon.
  • Rancis and young Ryan kills 4, one wanders off into the forest and one flees.
  • On the bodies of the 12 attackers, 4 had a tattoo of a wolf eating a heart out of a human chest cage.
  • One rider was caught by John and survived for a little while, admitting they were after some prince and that they were members of the Needle mercenary band.
  • Members of C&B take away the bodies of riders, criminals and newbiews (after looting) and bury them in a shallow grave.
  • 07:00
  • Discussions of what it could mean by "prince" - where they just after the same noble Remmil Lin? Or could one of the newbies be a prince?
  • Decide to dig up the bodies again to check them.
  • Talk to the three survivers, who are chocked. Never seen death before.
  • They admit to being not even 15 years old.
  • Session 2
  • C&B is looking after wounded.
  • Ryan starts organising breakfast, goes around shouting there is bread to be had.
  • One of the surviving newbies recognises Ryan and starts talking to him.
  • The newbie named Nimrod had been at the same academy as Ryan, and was very surprised to see him.
  • The young ones exchange news. One of Ryan's teachers were implicated of murder and kidnapping.
  • Nimrod admits that he had heard of the hit on Remmil Lin, another friend of Ryan's, and tried to stop it.
  • Him and friends manipulated Narder into challening ALL the mercenary bands, hoping they would all collide and the forces implode.
  • When issues started the Scima guards would stop anything.
  • Gave Ryan a little bit of money.
  • Narder is gone at the moment.
  • Corpses are dug up and no specific evidence are found, but trying to see if anyone recognises any of the newbies as prince or important, but nobody is sure.
  • John talks to Rancis and Gery on what to do next.
  • 07:30
  • Uthred arrives at scene, wonders what the hell has happened. It's explained to him. He tries to take command.
  • Uthred criticises Gaharet for putting idea in Narder's head. People explain that Narder had some thought behind it.
  • Rancis reminds he is the highest ranking at the moment - they cooperate.
  • Uthred asks to talk to the newbies.
  • Nimrod of the newbies talk with some confidence to Uthred.
  • After a little while they admit they affected Narder magically to do the thing to save Remmil.
  • Admits to being the King's oldest son - Prince Nimrod Haldean.
  • Then The Needle was probably after him?
  • General annoyance of Narder, especially as he is missing.
  • Why have no other band caught up yet?
  • Narder & Pholes gone. Should they still attack Remmil? Uthred is sceptical.
  • Asyria - A young woman appears from the south. Inquires about a particular Squids member. Considering the mayhem further south, probably not alive.
  • Narder appears. Uthred is visibly angry with him.
  • Narder explains he was checking out the situation with the other bands. He figured out there is a large portion of mercenaries who took all the mercenary band chests and headed into the forest. He suggests taking the band and go take the cash.
  • Joe manages to convince Narder of sending a scouting party including himself, John and the woman who just appeared.
  • Rancis asks them to wait for him and his page.
  • They leave without waiting.
  • Come across three men and a bag. Turns out to be dead guy belonging to local village. They help carry the corpse a bit and the mercs will join C&B.
  • Head south west into the forest following tracks, coming across 5 people in a glen fighting over a chest.
  • John goes up, tries to talk, they are violent, unheeding, threatening, John sends in mounted Uthred, kills outright through head, John bashes other, horse downs him, Asyria runs in, stabs, not killed. Joe injured by crit from bow. Despatches the other. Finds 467 gold and 31 silver.
  • Rancis and Ryan catches up.
  • They discuss a bit. First thinks this chest was it, but then heads south, find scouts and some ruins where surviving mercenaries have gathered from all other bands.
  • Discuss how to handle the ruind, there are about 60 mercs in there.
  • Perhaps talking to them to see if they would join C&B as a diversion and then just steal the gold.

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