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Status: Inactive-ish >2018 (66 sessions since January 2015)

This campaign started in January 2015, This campaign runs Pathfinder. This is also a good source: D20PSRD.

Current Members

  • Aerik Ulriksson, the "barbarian" [1]
  • Alfgar, the Inadvertent Demon Slayer [2]
  • Aimee Ashmore, the sniper [3]
  • Arnos Mahlinor, the elven wizard
  • Domon of the Hunter, the Sickle war mage
  • Fizzgig, Master of Alchemy [4]
  • Jorg of Gwennport, the specialist [5]
  • Lomduin, the Mercenary [6]
  • Malkor Conradin, the fighting spiritualist

Important characters

  • Nemrab Arthorn - Elderly father of the Arthorn house, abstained from leadership. Interested in books and dwarven history.
  • Hariteikhartz- The young red dragon.
  • Denwell - Man obsessed with erradicating demonic influence.
  • Thorn Pepperbug - Pixie who likes Aerik, thorns and alcohol. Not necessarily in that order.
  • Blossom of Southshore / Cecilia of Highcross - Courtesan who followed party out of Southshore.

Get started

  1. Read the introduction, it briefly explains the setting and what races are available.
  2. Handy guide for character creation.
  3. Some help to make the actual character background.

House Rules Used

[ edit ]

  • Traits - Maximum 2.
  • Flaws - Maximum 1. Almost all of them are ok (including third party stuff), but you have to check with me first. That link is just one (good) example.
  • Damage Conversion (AC) - Armoured characters converts some lethal damage to nonlethal as in Unearthed Arcana (with a small fix).
  • Hero Points are introduced at lvl 3.
  • Damage and healing - Increased detail to go with wounds, primarily. There's now also an incentive to sleep comfortably.
  • ALL MAGIC IS x2 COST. That includes enhancements on items, scrolls, potions, services, ALL! It also means that the material cost in crafting magical items is higher.
  • Masterwork - Partly added to make up for a lack of magical weapons. These non-magical items packs a punch!
  • Environment - Rules for sleep deprivation and hunger/thirst.
  • Starting above lvl 1: Max 50% of wealth on 1 item.
    • Recommend: Weapon 25% - Armour 25% - Other magic 25% - Consumables 15% - Ordinary/coins 10%

Extra reading

If Anything is Unclear

  • Ask

IPO Timeline

See the full IPO Timeline for more information.

  • Session 16 - Looking for Work
  • Party does various things around town until evening (17:30).
  • Aerik approached by Zigil. Wants help from Ulfang the assassin from the Shadows from Southrealms (described as "grey"). Offers 1000g.
  • Aimee sends letter. Aerik provides pheasants (19:00).
  • Party talk to Tobo (bowyer and woodcraftsman who can also make crossbows).
    • Party died in Westwatch. "Perhaps you can help?" An aristocrat was behind it. "Perhaps later; Mayor first."
  • Tobo also approached by Zigil. Ulfang from Northrealms. Jorg tells how a hit would be from Shadows. Odd.
  • Aerik & Arnos heads to Hark. Brings beer (21:30).
  • Hark tells of Heron dagger. Owner of equipment was Thrar Quickhand. Sword name: Flesh Eater. Was once magical.

Day 21

  • Kelly wakes people (06:00). Breakfast.
  • Borrows horses from mayor. 17h travel. 10h/day planned (tiring). Leaves (07:30).
  • Comes across ghouls. 8 ghouls, 1 ghast (15:30). Party attacks.
  • Session 17 - Camping With Pixies
  • Finish up after combat. Jorg makes necklace of the ears (15:40).
  • Talk to scared village (16:00). Ulf Asmundsson is elder. Offers food & Lodging.
  • Leaves village (18:30).
  • Aerik starts hunting, Jorg starts scouting (21:30), 1h. Then bed (22:30).

Day 21

  • Aerik starts fire and breakfast (05:00). Jorg puts ghoul ears in Aerik's sleeping bag.
  • Party moves on. Aimee scouts (06:00).
  • Aimee finds a wild boar. Tries to kill, climbs tree (11:35). Party helps. Cooks meat + saves lots.
  • Keeps going (13:30), goes for another 2.5h (16:00). Finds camp (17:00). Poles, traps & caltrops.
  • Kelly returns; charmed an eagle that will help (18:00).
  • Starting to go to bed (20:30). Massive goblin appears and screams (21:00). Party attacks full force.
  • Aerik falls through gobling "Wow! Great! You did a GREAT job this is exciting!"
  • Thorn: I am so sorry, I will make sure they don't get to you." ... "ONE two three four!"
  • Session 18 - The One That Got Away
  • BACKDATE: Malkor - Helps Wellbarrow Mayor to protect prep for spring solstice. Gets someone for Villa Clara. Heads off to Southshore.
  • Buys horse from Rive with promise buy it back if needed. Also saddle.
  • Party falls asleep with Thorn guarding (21:10).
  • Malkor arrives close to camp (23:00). Hears a weird "ONE two three four". 3 shots: sleep.

Day 22

  • Party wakes up. "I got one!" (06:00) ..."That is Malkor. You know him, come on!" Thorn is ashamed.
  • Thorn scout? "Yes, sure! But... I know that when patrolling you say 'one two three four', but what do you say when scouting?"
  • Party moves.
  • Finds a patrol (2 mutant, 1 ranger, goblin dog & small). Discuss plan of action (09:30).
  • Ambushes patrol, is crushed. Malkor curb stomps goblin. "Save the ears!" Moves on.
  • Jorg sees another patrol (2 mutated, 1 druid, 1 companion), quite far away. Party prepares (10:10).
  • Attacks (10:20). Little bit of a fight (not really) druid gets away.


  • Session 19 - Bravely Ran Away Away
  • Heads back to horses, Jorg scouts behind. Moves towards camp (10:40). Reach camp (11:20).
  • People hear screaming from away: "They are 50!" Jorg is running. Party heads towards Prijpe.
  • Hounds catch up (11:50). Kills them. Malkor almost dies.
  • Quick loot and continue onwards (12:00).
  • Session 20 - Negotiations
  • Painful forched march to Prijpe. Arrives (17:30). Rane Ulfsson in charge.
  • Talks & tactics. Malkor treated by Linda (healer). Runners to neighbours & Southshore.
  • Fortifies and Jorg, Aimee & Robin scouts. In total, 13 men, 7 women and 12 "children".
  • Aimee returns (20:30). Goblins are 30 min away. Jorg comes 15 min after: They are 40 (incl 4 mutants) and 4 hounds.
  • Aerik shoots 1 goblin, Thorn makes large golem and Krixlin speaks. They are made to regroup.
  • Party SLEEPs (21:00).
  • Awoken as Krixlin & 2 mutants come from East side (23:00).
  • Negotiations. Krixlin wants BigBoss dead. Promise to not attack towards Prijpe or Southshore.
  • Aimee & Jorg is to assassinate a number of goblin scouts (loyalists), then going to BigBoss and ambush tomorrow.
  • A mutant goblin left as hostage to calm villagers.
  • "We disagree but in this case I think we can trust each other." "Well, you are interesting." (23:59)
  • Session 21 - Assassinations
  • Aerik tells situation to party (23:59). Decide to kill BigBoss.

Day 23

  • Aimee & Jorg kills 20 goblin loyalists (04:30) and rest of party attacks/scares them off (08:00). Pursuits.
  • Sets up camp 3 hours from goblin camp (14:00). SLEEPs 8 hours (22:00). Travels rest of the way.

Day 24

  • Jorg scouts ahead (01:00). Finds single goblin. Deals with. Talks to Krixlin about plan.
  • Jorg informs party and all set up ambush (02:00).
  • Ambushes BigBoss with lots of other goblins. Krixlin happy.
  • Loot and leave (02:15).
  • Session 22 - Back in Southshore
  • 02:15 (Day 24)
  • Heading home (02:15). Moves 3 hours, SLEEPs 8 and then 6 more. Arrives in Prijpe (19:15).
  • Explains what happened. Festivities with beef. Malkor sent to Southshore to stop any army.

Day 25

  • Farewells include Kelly giving 15 gold to the village for stuff. Party leaves for Southshore (10:00). Arrives at 18:00.
  • Exchanges ears for money at Mayor Nicholaes Van Herdt. Told of pact. "But where are they coming from"?
  • More socialising. Nicholaes mentions the Karhun Ruins, but there is no interest within the party. Aerik tries to get him to treat villagers better - "scouting resource".
  • Nicholaes wants help get family artefact back (mirror). Pay "a lot" for its return, and a small farm. Suspects: De Geloes and De Tolna.
  • Aimee snoops house while Aerik talks weapons with Nicholaes. Finds prepped windows lock.
  • Good night (22:00).

Day 26

  • Party wakes after 8h SLEEP (08:00).
  • Aimee speaks to Jorg and Arnos about the mirror. They decide to investigate further. Aimee "investigates" bedchamber with Butler Robert. "Finds" the pin.
  • Session 23 - A Wild LEATHER Appears!
  • BACKDATE: Jorg - Visited by Jantina. Warning from Reen. Head of De Goeles family to die.
  • Jorg scouts (wrong) house but doesn't risk it.
  • Jorg has a "final warning" from Reen. Needs to kill De Goeles head for free.
  • Breakfast (08:00-09:00). Nemrab suggests diplomacy. Robert to book lunch and tea bookings to check out De Goeles & De Tolna.
  • Arnos, Jorg & Nemrab to De Goeles (12:00). Jorg sneaks around but is caught by Leather (Richard) and disabled (13:00).
  • Meanwhile, Aerik and Aimee to Pilgrim's pub looking for clues. Aerik heads to Blossom. She is evasive. Promised work at Villa Clara (15g/month for 5 months) and anonymous move.
  • Blossom explains intrigue (14:00). De Goeles and De Tolna each want mirror. De Goeles has it. Key around neck.
  • Aerik & Arnos reconvenes at mayor's (14:45). Tells of Jorg/mirror. Butler Robert says Nicholaes will be a bit late.
  • Time to head to the afternoon tea with De Tolna (15:30).
  • Session 24 - Threats of Violence
  • BACKDATE: Kelly & Aimee. "Henry" wants Kelly to come with to help dryad Idaise with Sapanon. "Villa Clara in a few days."
  • Jantina tells Aimee De Tolna paid to steal mirror. More guards.
  • Aimee pisses off Rive of Pilgrim's Pub.
  • Domon appears. Is pointed out by Rive. Comes with to Mayor. Is a bit rude, generally.
  • Arnos, Aerik & Domon talks of freeing Jorg (not his name though).
  • Mayor is assaulted on the way home (18:30).
  • Discussions. Arnos, Aerik, Domon & Richard (Leather). Mirror stolen. Talk of using Jorg as a specialist.
  • Aimee finds out about Mayor (20:15).
  • Robert is informed about Mayor and enrages (20:45) and heads to Burt. Party decides to protect De Goeles and De Tolna.
  • Aimee, Aerik & Domon towards mob. Arnos to De Goeles.
  • Aimee halts mob. Domon enlarges Aerik. Intimidate.
  • Arnos manages to get stolen mirror. De Goeles flees. Presents it to Burt ("DE-TOL-NA!"). Diplomatically gets them to stop. Look in woods.
  • Aimee warns De Tolna (21:05). De Goeles is then on a wagon out.

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