Regent Attributes

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A regent has attributes of competence that affect his or her kingdom:

  • Academia - Increase research gain. (DON'T USE! Research mechanic not complete.)
  • Building - Increase builders' production per day.
  • Diplomacy - Increase disputes handled per day, lowers guard costs and assists in diplomacy. (Can use, but Diplomacy mechanic not complete so dispute + cost modifier doubled for now instead.)
  • Farming - Increase food production, lower farm equipment cost (2%).
  • Leadership - Increase military morale. Increase XP gain by military and scouts.
  • Popularity - Increase happieness by +0.2 per citizen per day.
  • Production - Increase coin production and market efficiency. Decrease all equipment cost (2%), except spy preparation. (Will also affect resources when that mechanic is finished).
  • Reputation - Special. (DON'T USE! Not finished. Will work as a means tohave a chance of greatly affecting particular kingdom attributes for a week).
  • Subterfuge - Decrease base time for spy missions and preparation costs (2%). Increase XP gain for spies.
  • Trade/Admin - Increase the price of food when selling and decrease the price when buying. Lowers daily costs from buildings (2%). (Will later include forestry and fishing.)

Each increase or decrease modifier is 5% unless otherwise noted.

Before starting the game, the regent starts with 30 points that can be distributed amongst the ten attributes. The maximum points that can me assigned one attribute is 10. (Pick what seems good, I'll reset your choices when balance fixes are made in regards to them.)

Example Regent:

Name: Lantek Terrman IV

  • Academia: 3
  • Building: 2
  • Diplomacy: 6
  • Farming: 0
  • Leadership: 3
  • Popularity: 4
  • Production: 1
  • Reputation: 0
  • Subterfuge: 6
  • Trade/Admin: 5

Note: Don't add Academia or Reputation points before the mechanic is implemented though, but keep them in mind for what type of strengths you'd like in your Kingdom.