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Just loose notes

See Gods, Rahndom or Church of Rahn



  • The Dawnbringer
  • The Father of Man/Men
  • The Guiding Light/Hand
  • The Hand of Man/Men
  • The King of Kings
  • The Open Hand

Themes involving his Hand are most prominent in a practical sense but other aspects are used as well.


Part of a family of gods. Just and right also good. Battled the dragon god Karrakhan with father and allies. Father is the hawk god.

Two families of most powerful gods. Dragon gods not evil, but Kar got angry because his loved one left him for Rahn. Kar killed them in the battles. Now hates hawks and men.

Third family is the Ven (man-like beings of light). Rahn is son of hawk + ven. Ven family otherwise small. Best with magic incl nature/arcane.

The equivalence of a crucifix as a symbol of Rahn is a manicula or metacarpal..