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Illustration of a Stripes soldier.

The Capitoleum Milita (better known as the Stripess because of their well-known striped shoulderpads) is the military power in charge of ensuring safety in Capitoleum as well as patrolling the Coins, the trade highway network across the Realms. They are generally well trained and of a decently low corruption level. Though that depends on where you find them.

Public opinion

In the view of the commoners, the Stripes can be seen as a helping hand or an oppressive fascist force, depending on where you live. Almost everyone likes the Stripes that patrol the Coins, but many districts of Capitoleum have more corrupt guardsmen, unfortunately.

There are rumours of a seat of power starting to develop in the command of the Stripes, but because of how the system is built, that is very unlikely.


  • General - All of the Capitoleum Militia
  • Lieutenant General - Two: Capitoleum and the Coins
  • Colonel - Support officerial staff, intermittent overtaking/overseeing management for things sich as forts. Sometimes as High Detectives
  • High Detective - As a detective but for city-wide or international issues of Capitoleum's interest
  • Captain - Captain of a city quarter or specific external appointment like a fort
  • Lieutenant - Head of a local constabulary, waystation or fort sub-unit; if large
  • 2d Liutenant - Group officer within a constabulary, sometimes also a Detective
  • Detective - Mainly non-combatant field work to investigate local crimes, may ask a High Detective to take over or may be taken over by them
  • Soldier - Patrolling militant individual. Capitoleum-bound Soldiers will primarily attempt to use non-lethal force when able (but few/no repercussions if they use lethal)


The Stripes have three main forms of fortifications/facilities: Forts (wooden or full-blown keeps), Waystations (small forts along the Coins) and Constabularies (fortified houses in Capitoleum).


The Capitoleum Militia forts include the Old Fort, Penvald Keep (front section), Caldon Keep, the Wite Forts and the Red Forts within the walls of Capitoleum with a few more individual forts along the Coins. Each fort houses at least a few hundred soldiers and military equipment and acts as a local administrative centre in addition to a presence of power.


The waystations fortified stations along the Coins which are normally staffed with 15-25 soldiers and 3-5 household staff to clean, wash and cook and stocked with supplies. The stations have guest bunks for Coins Crews, important guests or paying ones. These become out of use depending on Stripes needs and organisation and are on occasion leased to private use and often converted to inns (though Stripes sometimes recind the lease to re-establish military presence, so it can be risky to invest too heavily in a Wayhouse).

A Waystation is headed by Lieutenant and a couple of 2nd Lieutenants.


The constabularies of the Stripes are only found within Capitoleum. These are slightly more fortified regular buildings housing a small jail for temporary holding, some bunks for an active soldier crew as well as a few office rooms and a local registry. By all accounts these are the closest to a "police station" found in the Capitoleum Militia. A constabulatory is headed by a Lieutenant who is in charge of at least one 2nd Lieutenant and dozen or more Soldiers as well as usually at least one Detective (who is either a 2nd Lieutenant or a Soldier himself, sometimes half and half).


The majority of soldiers of the Capitoleum Militia spend part of their time farming in the Resplendent Fields. The most common setup is spending half of the time in active duty and the other half on a designated farmstead for the soldier and his family. A smaller portion is in active duty three quarters of the time and a small portion work as full time soldiers with a higher salary and dedicated family quarters in the Old Fort, the North Fort, White Forts and Red Forts.

The Coins

Most of the patrols of the Coins are people from Capitoleum themselves, but each House which has a stretch of the Coins under its control (Road Houses) has a duty to supply men or money for all stretches of road to make the Stripes to be effective. Since the Stripes is limited in power, no current owner of trade highway is against this notion. In order to facilitate neutral guardianship, soldiers from different houses are frequently placed in other kingdoms than their own.


Mostly having had basic training at Wyny Academy of Warfare (or outright being a Wyny soldier) or having previous guard/soldier experience, Stripes in Capitoleum generally tries to avoid killing suspected criminals to let the justice system deal with them and emplys a "Stripestick" to bash in heads before drawing their blades. The mortality rate of criminals is still quite high from blunt trauma, but at least they keep a reputation of "fairness" by not slicing people up at first infraction.

On the road, Stripes are risking their lives and are less inclined to show any mercy against any percieved threat. Anything that reasonably can be interpreted as threatening is usually dealt with crossbowbolts, hoves and swords first and questions asked later.

Standard equipment

Stripes are generally well-trained, well paid and well equipped, especially the ones travellign the Coins. A soldier's standard gear usually include:

  • Chainmail (with the famous striped shoulderpads)
  • Helmet (not usually equipped unless in battle)
  • Greaves
  • Longsword
  • Stripestick (specially designed wooden club)
  • Heavy wooden or steel shield
  • Crossbow (generally only on the Coins)
  • Manacles

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