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This article relates to Pathfinder classes and some house rules for minor tweaks that are aimed at making them a little bit more balanced. Mainly it is about buffing slightly weaker classes to get a buff up to that of other classes.

Unless otherwise specified, these changes are in addition to the original class features.


  • Something to be decided.


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The rogue class especially needs some love, considering it's younger brother the Ninja is generally better and that Hökaland generally doesn't include that many traps. They of course exist where it is appropriate, but many locales are not hundreds of year old crypts guarded by automatic systems, but places where soldiers or other walk on a daily basis and can't be so actively trapped. Since trapfinding is the main defining feature of a rogue compared to, for instance, the Ninja, a few minor tweaks are in order.

N.B.! These changes are in place of the official Unchained Rogue rules. A player needs to choose one or the other.

Level 1

  • Rogues gain 9 skills per level instead of 8.
  • Weapon and Armor Proficiency - Add all weapons with the 'crossbow' type to the list, including exotic crossbows such as repeating crossbows. If the rogue takes feat specifically for a crossbow type, it applies to all crossbows. (Actual repeating crossbows will be slightly nerfed, however.)
  • Finesse Sneak - The rogue gains the ability to use her Dexterity bonus in place of Strength bonus for attack rolls as if she had the Weapon Finesse feat. In addition, she adds 1 point of Dexterity bonus (if any) per rogue class level to all of her damage rolls. This counts as precision damage, which creatures who are immune to critical hits are immune to and this damage. This bonus damage is added after any multipliers such as other feats, critical hits or two-handed weapon strength bonus.

Level 2

  • Combat Escapist - Escape grapples or pins as a move action. If successful, the aggressor of the pin is flat-footed.
  • Rogue Talent - Additional talents to choose from.

Level 3

  • Skillful Insight - Twice per day, the rogue can add her rogue class level as a bonus to any one skill check. This ability can be used once more per day for every 3 levels after up to a total of 7 times at level 18.

Additional These seem like interesting ideas but need tome though before implementation. Variant sneak attacks:

  • Courageous Sneak Attack
    • When you successfully deal sneak attack damage, all allies within 30 feet of you gain a +1 morale bonus to attack and damage rolls for one round. This bonus increases by +1 at level 5 and every 4 levels after.
  • Cunning Sneak Attack
    • When you successfully deal sneak attack damage, you may attempt one free trip, steal, or dirty trick combat maneuver on the same opponent with a +1 bonus. This extra combat maneuver can only be attempted once a round. This bonus increase by +1 at level 3 and every 2 levels after.


  • See Chamber of Shadows for additional information if the character is or was a member of the Shadows.


Since Paladins are based on medieval knights armed with sword and shield (a lot of the time; at least a shield) and the Pathfinder version actively works against most configurations other than "big 2-H weapon", the following alterations have been made:


  • A Paladin may take feats involving a shield despite not fulfilling all ability requirements. The Paladin still needs to fullfill all other feat requirements and she may not use these feats unless she is actively using a shield. This includes Two-Weapon Fighting (and related feats) and Missile Shield and Ray Shield.
  • A Smite attempt on a non-evil character still works at half its power (round down) if used for a "just cause" (GM's decision).

Level 1

  • Nothing changed

Level 2

  • Shieldcasting - A Paladin can use her shield hand for somatic or touch components of spells or supernatural abilities. She may not use the shield normally for its AC bonus or to attack in the same round.
  • Improved Shield Bash - Gain improved shield bash as a bonus feat (retain AC when using a shield bash).

Level 4

  • Improved Shieldcasting - A Paladin may use shieldcasting even when using the shield normally or attacking. Normal limitations of actions per round still applies (in most cases a Paladin can't both cast a spell and attack in the same turn).

Level 5

  • Shield Apprentice - A Paladin using a heavy shield in two-weapon fighting use the same penalties as if she was using a light shield (-2/-2).

Level 6

  • Noble Shield - A Paladin may retain her shield's AC bonus in the same round as she attacks with the shield.

Level 8

  • Improved Shield Apprentice - Two-weapon fighting penalties when using a shield in the off hand decrease to -1/-1.

Level 11

  • Greater Shield Apprentice - Two-weapon fighting penalties when using a shield in the off hand decrease to -0/-0. Special: If the Paladin has the Shield Master feat, all attacks made while carrying a shield receives a +1 bonus to attack rolls and damage.


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